Windows 8 Weather App To Get Weather Updates: Ambient Weather

Ambient Weather is a free Windows 8 Weather App. It’s a simple and easy to use app that lets you view weather updates for any place. The app will also give you the temperature at sunrise and sunset for the current day. In addition to this, you will also have the information about Speed of Wind, and the percentage of rain and humidity.

The app will allow you to view weather forecast for the current week and will also provide you weather details for the previous day. Ambient Weather is freely available in the News & Weather category of the Windows Store. Let’s get you a better idea about this app.

Ambient Weather

Using this Windows 8 Weather app

As you get into the app, it will ask your permission to access your location. Then, on the basis of that, it will provide you the weather overview of the place.

It will use a number of tiles, to give you the weather overview.

In the leftmost tile, you would be given overview of current weather, that is of the present moment.

Ambient Weather- Current weather

In the next tile, you would be shown the weather overview of the entire day, including that of the sunrise and sunset.

Ambient Weather- Weather overview of entire day

Get to the next tile, and you would also be shown the weather overview of the entire day, on hourly basis.

Ambient Weather- Hourly Weather update

The fourth tile will give you weather overview of today’s and the next six days. Along with that, you can also see the overview for the previous day in the same tile.

Get temperature in two different units

You can switch the temperature unit that is appearing in the app. For that, you can use the option that is available in the bottom flyout. You can switch between Degree Celsius and degree Fahrenheit.

Change the location to get Weather updates

Use the search box that is available in the top right side of the app’s interface, in which GPS location is written. As you click on it, a screen will open up in which you just have to give the name of the place and press the Save button that is available on the same screen. Three rectangular tile will then be added to that screen, and  ACTIVE button would be highlighted. Click on the button to get weather updates for the place.

Ambient Weather- Choose locatin to get weather update

The app won’t provide you the weather updates on the first click. You would have to come to this screen again, and have to click on the ACTIVE button to get weather updates for it. Click on any of the button on this screen to get weather updates for that place.

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Key Features of this free Windows 8 Weather App

  • Get weather updates for any place easily.
  • There is an option to get hourly weather overview of the current day, as well as overview of the entire week.
  • Background theme of the entire app changes according to the weather.
  • Freely available at the Windows Store.

My Verdict

The app is a nice Windows 8 Weather App. You can give it a try.

Get Ambient Weather here.