Windows 8 Squirrel Game: Nutty Run!

Nutty Run! is a free Windows 8 Squirrel Game. The game has a squirrel who is out to collect nuts. A Nuts company is giving away free nuts. You, as the squirrel, have to collect more and more nuts.  The game has a number of power ups also. But here comes the turn! While running, the squirrel has to avoid hitting by the trucks that are coming from the opposite direction.

Be aware of the pits that fall in your way. Through power ups, you can turn into a fast running squirrel, who can pace very fast through the way to grab all the nuts. The squirrel can also turn up into a super squirrel who can even fly through the skies to collect the nuts.

Nutty Run!

Nutty Run! is freely available in the Games category of the Windows Store.

Playing this Windows 8 Squirrel Game

As you get to the main menu screen, all the options will be shown to you. You can use the help option that is present here to to see the controls of the game.

Nutty Run!- Main Menu

Let me tell you a little about the game:

Game play

The game consist of a road on which, there are a number of nuts, which you (as a squirrel), have to collect. On the way, you have to avoid the dangers that come. Speeding trucks will try to squash you down from the opposite side. Pits are also present in the way. You have to avoid them in order to live. The game, as such does not  have any levels but 1. With time, your speed as well as that of the trucks would also increase, thereby making the overall game play more interesting.

There are a number of power ups also. Collect the Blue and Red nuts to gain power ups.

The blue colored nuts will increase your speed.

Nutty Run!- Turn into a super fast running squirrel

The red colored nuts will turn you into a super squirrel who can even fly, and can take nuts from the sky also. In sky, you have to avoid the crows that are coming from the opposite side.

Nutty Run!- Turn into a flyig super squirrel

There is one thing though, a single hit, when you have a power up, will result in decreasing your speed if you are having the blue nut, and can turn you to land if you are flying.


When the game begins, the squirrel will start running by itself. You only have to control the switching and jumping of squirrel.

For switching, simply use the W or S button of the keyboard. The squirrels can jump by the Space bar button. For the touch enabled devices tap left to switch, and tap right to jump.

That’s not all. Play it, and I am sure that the game has much more to offer.

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My Verdict

According to me, Nutty Run! is a nice Windows 8 Squirrel Game. It has nice game play and easy controls. The game might surprise you. Do try it, and share your opinion with us.

Get Nutty Run! here