Windows 8 Weather App Free: Storm

Storm, is a free Windows 8 weather app. As the name suggest, this Windows 8 weather app provides freshest weather forecast for the whole world. You can quick search almost any location in entire world, and see the 15 days weather forecast. The app advertises that, you can choose form over 8 million locations worldwide. Besides that you can also check the weather on an interactive map; which shows the precipitation rises and falls, cloud coverage, and temperature around a location, or in entire world. Also, you can save the searched locations to Favorites, and pin them to to Start Screen.

No doubt, that this free Windows 8 weather app is handy. It gives the information that is trustworthy, and reliable. So whenever you are going out, or planning to go for a trip; then don’t forget to check the weather status in advance using this app, and plan accordingly.

Storm - Main Screen

This free Windows 8 weather app is present under the New & Weather Category in Windows Store. Use the Windows 8 Search Charm to locate the app in Windows Store (Win + Q), or the download link given at the end of this article.

Getting weather news using this Windows 8 weather app:

This Windows 8 weather app, sure is handy. It’s functional, does what it advertises. it has one simple and straight purpose, which is to give correct weather information. The app looks very good, and makes use of simple but effective colors and graphics. The fonts are big enough, even the weary eyed people won’t have any difficulty to read weather reports. Though, the Ads are there, but they don’t bother much. Navigating between screens is easy and fast.

This is a location based Windows 8 app, because it shows weather reports according to locations. So, you can allow the app to automatically detect your Home location, and show the Weather report. Or, you can manually search and set a location as you home location. The reason behind setting home location is because, it’s the Home location that shows up first, when you launch the app. Hence, gives you a quick glance, of current day’s weather. The weather information contains temperature information in degree Fahrenheit at different time intervals of day and night, wind speed, sunrise and sunset times, precipitation in mm, and of course whether it’s bright sunny, or partially clouded, or rainy etc.

Storm - Viewing Location Weather

One good thing to like about this Windows 8 weather app, is it saves the last 5 locations you viewed, and shows them in the Main Screen. This is a great help for quickly accessing last opened places, and obviously, they’ll be something that matters to you; not just random search. And to add more functionality to the app, you can actually save the locations to favorites. So, you can know the weather of the places where your friends and families are, with few simple clicks.

Simply right click on Home Screen, and click on Search, or simply click on Search button at the Home screen, under Location label, and type the location you want to search for. The app will show all the related results. Click on the requisite one, and there you’ll have the weather report of current day and next 14 days.  Right click on this screen, and you’ll get two flyouts, containing these buttons: Home, Locations, Search, Locate, Save as homepage, Pin to Start, Add favorite, Long term, Hour by hour, Meteogram, and Full map. All these are pretty easy to use and are self explanatory.

Storm - Location Options

The long term, hour by hour, and meteograms are the different viewing modes. Long term shows weather reports with long hourly time gaps. Hour by hour shows weather report on hourly basis. Meteogram shows weather status on a graph between temperature against hours.

Storm - Viweing Location Weather in Meteogram Mode

Clicking on Full map shows the weather report of a location in a world map. This maps shows Precipitation, Temperature, Cloud coverage, and, Radar. That is using this map you can see the fall and rise in precipitation and see how cloud cover, temperature, and precipitation will evolve with time.

Storm - Map View Showing Percipitation

Key Features of this Windows 8 Weather App:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 weather app.
  • Search for over 8 million locations world wide.
  • Shows 15 days weather forecast.
  • Save/favorite location as tiles in locations category.
  • Pin location to start screen.
  • Live tile at start screen.
  • Integrated with Windows 8 Search and Settings charms.
  • View map of a location.

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Final note:

Storm, is a must have Windows 8 weather app. It’s extremely handy, and is functional. Above all it’s all for free and very easy to use. It has got multiple features like pinning, map, live tile, saving locations etc; that does makes it a good contender of Windows 8 weather app.

Grab Storm here.