Free Windows 8 Photo Sharing App: Adobe Revel

Adobe Revel is a free Windows 8 Photo Sharing app. Using this app, you can share your photos and pictures on all Windows 8 Devices, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and over the Web through Organize your memories in the form of libraries, which you can synchronize with Adobe Revel present on your Device and access them any time you want. Adobe Revel is freely available under the Photo category in Windows Store.

Capability for Editing your Photos and Images is also available. You can take Photos by using your Webcam or other device and can save them into this free Windows 8 Photo Sharing app. Sign into the app using your Google, Facebook, or Adobe Revel account. You can directly share the Photos you have added in this app, on your Facebook Profile.

Adobe Revel- Main Screen

In order to get this free Windows 8 Photo Sharing app to do its intended function, you have to specify the Location from where Adobe Revel must select and organize your Photos. In addition to this, you also have to specify the Libraries into which the app must organize your Photos.

Let’s get you a better idea about the app.

Take, Organize, and Share Photos using this free Windows 8 Photo Sharing app

As you get into this free Windows 8 Photo Sharing app, you would be prompted to supply your login Credentials. You have the freedom to login to the app using your Google, Facebook, or Adobe Revel Credentials.

Adobe Revel- Provide your Credentials

Now, as specified earlier, Adobe Revel will ask you to specify the Folder from your local storage, from which you want the app to collect photos from. All those photos, by default will be added to your library. Now, from here you can add new photo to the library by just right clicking anywhere on the screen and by clicking ’Add Media’ option.

You have to make new Library in order to save any photo to this free Windows 8 Photo Sharing app. To that Library, you first have to add new album in order to import photos into the app.

If you right click on any Photo, you will have the option to share it on your Facebook profile.

Edit Photos in Adobe Revel

Right clicking on any photo in this free Windows 8 Photo Sharing app will open up the options available for the photo from where you can choose to edit it.

Adobe Revel- Edit Image and add effects

There are a number of options available in the Image Editor of the app to edit and add effects to any photo. Clicking on the ‘Looks’ option, will show effects like Buena, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and many others. You can also adjust the White Balance, Exposure, and contrast of any image easily using Adobe Revel. In addition to this, you get the extra capability to Compare your Edited image and the Original Image.

Start Sharing Photos over Devices and Web

All the Windows 8 enabled devices, iPhone, iPad, and MAC have support for this app. The free Windows 8 Photo Sharing app provides the capability to share photos using cloud Storage. For this to work, you only would have to install Adobe Revel on these supported devices. From there, you just have to supply your Login Credentials for entering the app. The app stores your Photos online .

Apart from that, there is also an option to access your stored photos on Here all the capabilities are there, except the option to edit any image.

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Key Features of Adobe Revel

  • Nice Interface: The interface of Adobe Revel is quite nice. Its working is easy to understand.
  • Free availability: Adobe Revel is freely available in ‘Photo’ section of Windows Store.
  • Multiple Platform Support: It supports Windows 8 enabled devices, iPhone, iPad, and MAC.
  • Access photos anywhere: You can access your photos from anywhere using this app.
  • Support for Editing Photos: There is also a capability to edit your Photos.
  • Add photos using your capturing devices.

My Verdict on Adobe Revel

Finally, to wrap it up, I would like to say that this app is quite cool. The working is easy to understand. I used Adobe Revel myself  and was really impressed with the app. When I uploaded new Photos into my account from one device, it was updated simultaneously to my other device, and that too in no time. The updation was absolutely smooth. Although, I have to mention that I have used only Windows 8 enabled devices. So you have to figure out yourself how easily it works for iPhone, iPad, or MAC. All in all, it is a great Photo Sharing app and I would really recommend using it.

Get Adobe Revel here.