Learn Sketching Tricks And Tips With This Windows 8 Sketching App

Sketching Hub is a free Windows 8 Sketching app that brings to you some amazing and useful tips for sketching. Using this free Windows 8 Sketching app, you get information and tips about using various sketching tools and techniques.

Windows Store offers many apps that convert an image into sketch for you. However, if you are fond of sketching and want to learn more about it, this app is certainly going to help you.

Sketching Hub - Main screen

This Free Windows 8 Sketching app is inspired by the real life experiences and practices of the app developer and describes tips in a very interactive manner. It talks about the ways of drawing different types of objects such as body parts, skull tattoos, and flowers. The app also gives ways and directions of using different types of pencils for sketching different objects. And of course, the main aspect of sketching – Shading.

The app is also integrated with Windows Search charm. So, you can search for anything related to sketching directly from the app itself.

Sketching Hub is freely available in Productivity category of Window s Store. Let’s have a detailed look at this free Windows 8 Sketching app.

Use this Free Windows 8 Sketching app to learn more about sketching:

As I said, Sketching Hub describes sketching tricks and tips in a very interactive manner. The interface and graphics look quite interesting. As you land on the app’s Start screen, you will see descriptive tiles of various tricks and tips of sketching that the app talks about, under the heading ‘Ways and Directions’.

Click on the heading to open various categories. The next screen will display various categories as pictures with a little text description.

Sketching Hub - Category view

Click on a category to open and read details. You will find a sketch and tricks and tips of sketching corresponding to the selected category. Use left and right headed arrows to flip through various categories.

Sketching Hub - Tip details

If you want to search for any information or tip regarding sketching, you can use Windows 8 Search charm.

Sketching Hub - Search option

The back arrow button on the top left corner of the screen will take you back to the main screen.

Key Features of this Free Windows 8 Sketching app:

  • Free Windows 8 Sketching app
  • Offers free tricks and tip on sketching
  • Interactive sketching app
  • Integrated with Windows Search charm
  • Pleasing UI

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My Verdict

Sketchig Hub is a nice Sketching app. If you are not a professional sketching artist but still enjoy this art, this app will deepen your understanding of the art and will make your sketching experience more fruitful. However, it throws light on limited aspects of sketching. Also, the co-relation between the descriptions and the images seems a bit weak. Still, a useful app for the beginner artists. Give it a try and let us know what you feel. Share your feedback via comments.

Get Sketching Hub here!