Another Free Windows 8 Font Viewer App: Font Viewer

Font Viewer is a free Windows 8 Font Viewer app that lets you preview a text in all the fonts installed on your system. In this Free Windows 8 Font Viewer app, you can type a sample text, view it in various fonts, and compare them on a single screen.

We had recently reviewed a Font Viewer app called FontFamily with limited number of font preview options. However, this one is an advanced Font Viewer app that not only displays preview of a large number of fonts in one go, but also offers text formatting options. So, you can select font color, adjust font size, and see how various fonts look like. In fact, you can customize color of the sample text using the color sliders.

 Font Viewer - Main screen

Font Viewer is freely available in Productivity category of Windows Store. You can search for the app in Windows Store using Win+Q key combination. To view the app directly in Windows Store, click on the link given below at the end.

Let’s have a detailed look at this free Windows 8 Font Viewer app.

Use this free Windows 8 Font Viewer app to preview all fonts installed on your system:

Font Viewer is a single screen app with a user-friendly interface. Though, you might not get very impressed with its design, but the functional aspect of the app certainly adds to its use.

As you land on the app’s main screen, you will see a list of various fonts that are installed on your system, on the left side of the screen.  A sample text corresponding to each of the fonts will also be displayed along.

Enter a sample text in the directed text field on the right side of the screen. The font list will instantly display the sample text in various fonts. You can select font color using the drop-down provided in the app or customize font color by dragging pointers on the color sliders displayed below the text field.

Font Viewer - Selecting font color

The Style dropdown allows you to preview various fonts in Normal, Italic, or Oblique style.  You can also adjust size of the font using the Size slider.

Font Viewer- Selecting style

Key Features of this Free Windows 8 Font Viewer app:

  • Free Windows 8 Font Viewer app
  • Lets you view and compare all fonts installed on your system on a single screen
  • Has additional text formatting options such as selecting font color, size, and style
  • Option to preview customized color of the font
  • Simple Interface

Also check TextTouch, and WordBrush.

My Verdict

Font Viewer is a nice Font Viewer app that lets you preview and compare a large number of fonts in one go. You can also use formatting options to have an advanced comparison. However, Italic and Oblique styles of formatting seem to give same effect to the sample text. Go ahead, use this app to compare various fonts on your system and select the best for your documents. Do share your feedback via comments.

Get Font Viewer here!