Save Yourself From Police In This Windows 8 Running Game: Thieves

Thieves is a free Windows 8 Running Game. In this game, you, as  a thief, have to run over the roof tops, in order to keep yourself away from the police man who is chasing you. On your way, you will find jewels (rubies and gems). Collect these jewels, while maintaining your distance from the police man. The game has quite easy controls. The game also has a feature to share the score that you have made, with others over the Internet using the Windows Share Charm.

The good quality graphics and easy controls of the game will keep you engaged in the game for a long time. Thieves is freely available in the Games category of the Windows Store.

Thieves- Game

About this Windows 8 Running Game

As you get to the main landing page of the game, you would be shown its menu. Here, you would be having the option to begin the game.

Thieves- main menu screen

As you click on this option, you would be firstly shown the controls of the game. From this screen you can choose the play option to begin playing the game.

Game Play of this Running game

As you get to the game area, you (as a thief), will start running to the right side, on the roofs of the buildings and the houses. You just have to see that you (the thief), do not fall off the roofs, and also have to maintain your distance from the police officer. The distance you have covered and the gems you have collected will be shown on the upper side of the interface.

You can also throw knives which can bounce back and can hit the police man. If you are able to hit the police man with the knife, he will die. But your game does not end here. After sometime, a new police man will appear and will try to chase you again. Time your jumps so that you can avoid the policemen, and can grab maximum amount of jewels (gems and rubies). Also see that the speed of the police man will also increase as time passes by.


There are also a number of power ups available in the way. Take for example, the wings can increase your speed of running.


The controls are quite easy. You have to use the left click of your mouse to jump. In touch enabled devices, tap any where on the screen to jump.

Share your Score

You can also share the score that you have made, after  the game ends. For that use the cloud-like icon that appears after the game ends.

Thieves-Share your score

That’s all I can tell right now. Rest all lies in your skills!

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My Verdict

According to my experience with the game, Thieves is quite a nice Windows 8 Running Game, with easy controls and good graphics. Give it a try for sure!

Get Thieves for Windows here