Windows 8 Running Game App Free: Run 4 Fun

Run 4 Fun is a Windows 8 Running Game App. It’s an endless game in which you have to run through the entire game to collect more and more points. You also have to collect the powers that appear during the game.

The game has an interesting game play, with easy controls, which will ensure that you remain glued to the screen. Run 4 Fun is freely available in the Games category of the Windows Store.

Run 4 Fun

Playing this Windows 8 Running Game

On the main screen of this game, you would be shown the controls and the option to start the game.

Run4 Fun- Main Screen

Let me tell you more about the game:


The controls of the game are quite easy. As you start the game, a Stickman will start running to the right side. You have to make its path, so that it can get all the points that appear during the game. To make the path, simply use the arrow Buttons.

  • The upper arrow will make a straight line that would be inclined by an angle of 45 degrees, and would run to the right side.
  • The right side arrow would make a horizontal straight line that runs to the right side.
  • Use the down arrow to make a straight line that will be inclined down side.

Game Play

When you start the game, the Stickman will start running to the right side of the screen in order to get more score. You have to make the path for it using the available controls. One thing to keep in mind is that the Stickman will eventually lose its power after some time, and you have to collect the powers that appear in the way. Failing this, you won’t be able to make path for the Stickman. And if there is no path for the Stickman to run on, it will fall off.

Also keep in mind that after sometime the speed of the Stickman will also increase, adding to the overall difficulty of the game. However, this eventual increase in the difficulty of the game will make the game more challenging and interesting.

Run 4 Fun- Game

While you play, your score, and power you have earned would always be shown to you on the top side. The high score made during the game, would also be displayed on the top side. There is an option to pause the game at any time. For that, use the pause button that is present at the top. You can also use P button from keyboard.

Run 4 Fun- Score

That’s all! Enjoy the game.

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My Verdict

Run 4 Fun is a nice Windows 8 Running game, with easy controls, and nice game play. Though the interface doesn’t include much graphics and gives a classic feel, you can still enjoy playing the game. Give it a try for sure!

Get Run 4 Fun here.