Windows 8 RSS Reader To Get Updates From Your Favorite Websites

SimpiRSS is a free Windows 8 RSS Reader. You can use it to remain updated with the latest news from any Website. Also, you get the option to view the updated detailed articles in the app itself. In addition to that you can search for RSS Feeds using some keyword.

SimpiRSS is freely available in the News & Weather category of the Windows Store.


Using this Free Windows 8 RSS Reader

On the main screen of SimpiRSS, you will have the option to add new RSS feeds from your favorite websites. For that particular thing you can use the bottom flyout of SimpiRSS. You can access the bottom flyout by just right clicking on the main screen. As you get the bottom flyout, the option to Add Feed will appear.

SimpiRSS- Add Feed

You have to supply the RSS Feeds Link on this page. For that, you can use the RSS  option that is given on the page. Specify the Language, and your work is done. Now, the feed of that particular website has been added to the main landing page of this free Windows 8 RSS Reader.

SimpiRSS- Get updated feeds

All the feeds from that website will appear on this screen. This page of SimpiRSS will give the feeds for the website, with a panel on the left side  showing you all the feeds in a drop- down. Any feed you choose to see will be opened in the panel on the right side. From the right panel of SimpliRSS, you will be able to see the entire updated article for that. You can use the View Full Article option, and the app will open up the entire article in the app itself.

SimpiRSS- View Feeds and updates

You can use all the options like Sharing, that are available with the update on the Web accessed version, right in the app itself. Apart from that, SimpiRSS also gives you the ability to search for Feeds by using Keywords.

For that, you can get to the landing page, and use the add feed option from the bottom flyout. In the options that appear here, the option to search for feeds is present. Search wiith that keyword. Apart from that, SimpiRSS also has some Feeds pre specified in itself. You can subscribe to the RSS feeds that are prespecified in the app by using the option for it that is present in the Add Feed option.

SimpiRSS- Search for Feeds

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 Key Features of SimpiRSS

  • It is freely available in the Windows Store.
  • Working with the features is easy.
  • Nice Interface.
  • Get updates from your favorite websites without using web browser.
  • Ability to search for Feeds from the App itself by using keywords.
  • You can import Feeds from OPML files.

My Verdict

SimpiRSS is a good Windows 8 RSS Reader. I tried it myself and was quite satisfied with the capability it provides. One thing, I would really like to reflect upon is that the function for feed search did not turn out to be good for me. Try it out and let me know how it worked for you.

Get SimpiRSS from here