Easily Convert Units Using This Windows 8 Unit Converter

MetroConverter is a free Windows 8 Unit Converter. You can use it to conveniently convert from one unit to another. You can convert Mass, Distance, Data Storage, Temperature, Speed, Area, and other measuring metrics using it. It provides conversion into a large number of units.

MetroConverter is freely available in the Tools category of the Windows Store.


Using this free Windows 8 Unit Converter:

On launching MetroConverter, it will open up with with two panels. The right side panel consists of numbers ranging from Zero to Nine, the backspace button, Decimal Button, the sign button (Positive and Negative), and clear button (backspace). The panel on the left side consists of a drop down on the upper side of the app. From there, you can select the measurements metrics, that is, the unit which you want to convert, like Length, Mass, speed, Energy, and others. Along with that, there will be two more drop downs are available here, each having a text box to input and output the result for it. In these drop downs, you have to select the units for which you have to make the conversion. The units that are present in these two drop downs will change according to the measurement metrics for which you have to make the conversion.

MetroConverter- OptionsNow, in order to start converting using this Windows 8 Unit Converter, firstly define the measuring metrics. Now, from the second and third drop downs given, select the conversion units, and then input the quantity which you want to convert. As you enter the value in the first text box, its converted value will automatically appear in the second text box.

MetroConverter- Conversion

Along with that, you should keep in mind that you have specified the conversion units prior to providing the quantity to convert. If you don’t follow this, there would be an error.

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Key Features of MetroConverter

  • Convert Measurement metrices more easily and conveniently.
  • It has support for a large number of measurement metrices, and also has large number of units available for each of them.
  • Free: It is freely available in the Windows Store.
  • Working with MetroConverter is easy.
  • The converter does not require an active internet connection and works completely offline.

My Verdict on MetroConverter

MetroConverter is quite handy and useful Unit Converter for Windows 8. As far as the conversion goes, it provides help for converting to and fro  in a number of measuring quantities including some complex ones like Data Transfer Rate, and Data Storage. But, it slightly lacks when it comes to the design part. In spite of this, it can be given a try, given its capability to covert easily, and its free availability. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.

Get MetroConverter here