Reminder Toast: Windows 8 Reminder App

Reminder Toast is one of the most effective free Windows 8 reminder app. The ability of this reminder Windows 8 app to alert/notify you even when using any different application is the main highlight. This reminder Windows 8 app also includes features of an alarm clock.

Here, you can easily set the snooze time and its frequency. On specified time you will hear a beep sound with a notification on the top-right corner of the window. If you miss that for some reason, then too you can easily track them by launching the application.

Features of Reminder Toast:

  • Allows you to create multiple reminders in a quick and easy manner.
  • It attempts to grab your attention even when you are using some other application on your machine.
  • You can multiple snoozes for a particular reminder.

Lets us now have a look on it’s how to part of Reminder Toast Windows 8 reminder app.

On launching the application, you will be provided following interface in front of you.


Setting Reminders On Windows 8 Reminder App:

Your task will be to create fill the inline form placed on the top section of interface.

  • You can select bill, call , meeting, appointments, office, business, home, kids, grocery, shop from dropdown to specify the category of reminder you are about to set.
  • Then you will need to type a short description about the task to be performed.
  • Next, you will require to specify the date & time. After that you will require setting snooze interval and snooze Time.
  • Finally, click on ‘Add to Queue’ button and soon the newly added reminder will become visible to you in the lower portion of the interface.

The above procedure can be repeated any number of times to set multiple reminders. Once the reminder has been set you will start receive alerts at specified time. By default, the reminders will appear under heading today, tomorrow, and ‘Later’ headings depending upon the arrival.


This Windows 8 reminder app is standalone and cannot send online reminders. Another limitation is that it’s not portable.

Get It Done is a useful GTD application that you can try. In you need a list manager then consider trying To Dos Windows 8 app.


Reminder Toast can be easily located under ‘productivity’ section of Windows Store. The simplest way would be to open this link in Internet Explorer (10 or advance). Then, you can easily proceed with installation by clicking on ‘View in Windows Store’ button.

If you tend to forget things then this free Windows 8 Reminder App might help. Reminder Toast is very lightweight and quite advance than those normal reminder application.