Windows 8 Release Date Update

The latest update on the release date of Windows 8 is – You can expect Windows 8 release somewhere around in October 2012.

This news directly comes from the director of Windows, PR Janelle Poole. The declaration of the release date of Windows 8 is based on a trend which Microsoft follows for every release of Windows – Every new version of Windows is released after exactly 3 years of the release of previous version of Windows. Windows 7 was released in October 2009, so October 2012 will be the correct time to release Windows 8 as per the trend followed by Microsoft.

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Although there are certain exceptions to this trend too. Windows 7 was not released exactly after the 3 years of release of Windows vista. Before this latest update about the release date of Windows 8, it was in the news that Windows 8 would be released after 1 year from the build date. Now, we can expect the release date to be October 2012.


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While you will have to wait till October 2012 for the release of Windows 8 stable user version, the beta version of windows 8 is ready to be released in February 2012.