Windows 8 Product Key

Windows 8 Product key is required when you try to re-install or reset Windows 8 in your computer. However, this Windows 8 Product Key is not required when you install Windows 8 developers preview, or Windows server 8 developers preview for the first time. But there may arise a situation when you are required to re-install Windows 8 developers preview or use the “reset your PC” utility. “Reset your PC” utility reinstalls a fresh copy of Windows 8 and in this process all the personal data, settings etc. are removed from the system for ever. This option is typically used when you want to sell your computer so that your personal data cannot be recovered later by any data recovery software.

Here, is a separate set of Windows 8 product key which you can use –

For re-installing Windows 8 developers preview, use the following key :


For re-installing Windows server 8 developers preview, use the following key :


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Thus, when Windows 8 is reinstalled you can see the following screen, asking for the product key.



You can go ahead and copy and paste the key provided in the beginning of this post. These keys are provided by Microsoft, and they are also available on the MSDN forum. Alternatively, you can click the skip button if you don’t want to insert the key.