Windows 8 Recipe App To Get Dessert Recipes: Dessert Mania

Dessert Mania is a free Windows 8 Recipe app that offer recipes of a number of delicious desserts. Desserts complement our meal. They are not only good in taste, but also a good source of energy as they usually contain sugar and fat. Isn’t Having a small bowl of halwa or kheer after the meal, makes it complete? Dessert Mania is a food app that helps you prepare some very popular desserts of the world. These desserts are not only easy to make, but also mouth-watering. In fact, they are so delicious that they will lead anyone to temptation.

The app offers recipes of Cup Cakes, Ice-cream Sundae, Candy, Sweets, Cakes, Puddings, Cookies, Waffles. Under each category, there are 4 to 5 recipes given. Along with the beautiful and tempting pictures of desserts, the ingredients and step-wise method of their preparation is also mentioned.

Dessert Mania - Recipe List

The app is freely available in the Food and Dining section of Windows Store. You can also get this app using the link given at the end.

Let’s have a detailed look at how this free Windows 8 Recipe app works.

Get Free Dessert Recipes in this Free Windows 8 Recipe App:

To get these wonderful dessert recipes, all you need to do is to install and launch this app on your Windows 8 system. Thats it!

As you land on the app’s main page, you will see the various categories of desserts displayed as tiles. Each category will provide you with some really yummy desserts.

Dessert Mania Main Screen

As you click on any of the tiles/ category, it will display a list of desserts under that category. The left side of the screen will have the pictures and names of the desserts. As you click on the picture of a dessert, the list of ingredients required and step-wise method of preparing that particular dessert will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

Dessert Mania - Nutritional Information

You will also find useful nutritional information of desserts under Ice-creams and Waffles category.

The back arrow button on the top left side of the screen will take you back to main menu.

Key Features of this Free Windows 8 Recipe App:

  • Free Windows 8 Recipe app.
  • Offers world’s popular dessert recipes.
  • Beautiful tempting pictures of desserts displayed.
  • Detailed method of preparation given.
  • Nutritional information also given for selected recipes.
  • Easy to use interface.

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My Verdict:

Dessert Mania is a fantastic free Windows 8 Recipe app that offer recipes of a number of delicious desserts. However, the app offers recipes of only western desserts. But, if you are crazy for Cakes, Puddings, and Candies, get this app and satisfy your temptation. Share your feedback via comments.

Get Dessert Mania here!