Windows 8 Multi Tool App With Clock, Calculator, Stopwatch, And More

5 Apps In 1 is a free Windows 8 Multi Tool App. The app offers five different kinds of clocks for keeping a watch on your time. Apart from that, it also offers many other interesting tools like Calculator, Notes Maker, Contact Manager, and Stopwatch.

The main tools that the app provides are quite simple in their functionality. 5 Apps In 1 is freely available in the Entertainment category of the Windows Store. Let’s see how to work with this app.

5 Apps In 1- Main menu screen

Using this Windows 8 Multi Tool App

On the main page of the app, all the options will be shown to you.You just have to get on any of the 5 applications, and have to launch it.

Let me tell you about these applications:

Contact Manager

Contact Manager is the first app present here, and is located in the first row at the first place. As you launch it, you would be shown all the letters of the alphabet.

5 Apps In 1- Adding Contact

Choose any of the letter that are shown here. You would be shown the page where you can mention the details about the contact. Just provide your details like Name, Phone, Email Id, and address. Then click the button on which Agregar Contacto is written. After providing the details, you have to click on that particular button, and the contact will be saved and would be displayed on the right side.

5 Apps In 1- Contact Manager

The only thing to keep in mind while doing this is that you are using the same initial letter for the person’s name as the one you initially selected from the main group. Without this, your changes won’t be saved. Next time, to access the contact, you just have to choose that letter from the group, and all your contacts for it would be displayed there.


The next option is the clock. You can use it to see the time. There are 5 different types of clocks available here.You can use the previous and next button to browse through all the 5 clocks that are present here.

5 Apps In 1- Clock

The only limitation with this option is that you have to launch the app from the start screen, and have to get to this option to see the time. However, you can use the app in its snapped view to view the clock all time.

Notes Maker

The third option in the first row is that of a notes maker. Using it is really easy. You just have to start a new note by using the option for it. Then, you can create the notes. The good thing about the app is that you can use Markdown Tags to write in this notes editor.

5 Apps In 1- Note maker

After you save the notes, they would be shown on the main screen, from where you can view them.


The Stopwatch is the first option in the second row. You can use it to measure time taken for various events.

5 Apps In 1- Stopwatch


The app also has an option for calculator, using which you can do regular calculations.

5 Apps In 1- Calculator

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Key Features of 5 Apps In 1

  • Windows 8 multi-purpose app.
  • There is an option to make notes using Markdown Tags.
  • There is an option to maintain contact info.
  • Use of calculator to carry out the numerical calculations.
  • Availability of a Stopwatch.
  • The app is freely available in the Windows Store.

My Verdict

5 Apps In 1 is a nice Windows 8 Multi Tool App, with good number of other options also. Do try it for sure. Share your views through comments below.

Get 5 Apps In 1 here.