Free Windows 8 Platform Jumping Game: Wake Up, Arnie! Free

Wake Up, Arnie! Free is a Windows 8 Platform Jumping Game. The game is about Arnie, who is very much into watching monster movies. The game is about a scary dream that Arnie saw one night. He found himself trapped in this dream surrounded by monsters and obstacles. You have to save Arnie from the obstacles that come as he passes through the scary paths. There are a number of obstacles like monsters, ditches, etc. The game has three themes to play. Each theme has ten levels. All these levels have gradually increasing difficulty.

The varying difficulty levels, easy controls, and the awesome graphics that are used in the game, makes it very engaging. Wake Up, Arnie! Free is freely available in the Games category of Windows Store.

Wake Up, Arnie! Free

Playing this free Windows 8 Platform Jumping Game

As you get to the main screen of the game app, you would be shown Play and Options options.

Wake Up, Arnie! Free- Main Menu screen

The Options option lets you view the controls of the game.

As you click on the Play option, you would be taken to the theme selecting screen of the game. Three themes (different playing areas), are available to choose from.

Wake Up, Arnie! Free- select theme

Now, you can start playing by choosing the first theme (the only one that is enabled by default). As you click on the first theme, you would be shown the levels that are available in this theme. You also have to collect bulbs (idea points) during the game, and the number of bulbs available in a level would be shown with each level.

As you keep on clearing levels, the next levels will keep on unlocking.

Gameplay and Controls

In the game, you have to run to the right side of the area in order to collect the bulbs, and thus to progress during the game. As you begin, a black colored air cover will also follow you. Be aware, it may end your game. A trigger is available in each of the level, and as you hit the trigger, a maze will open up, to which you have to reach in order to clear that level. In some initial levels, the bulbs are the triggers themselves, while in others, you have to reach a key in order to get to clear the level.

The controls of the game are also quite easy. You can,

  • Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move, and the spacebar key to jump.
  • You can also use the onscreen controls (arrows), to move back , forth, and to jump.

Wake Up, Arnie! Free- game

That’s all I can tell you right now. Rest all lies in your skills! The game has a lot to offer.

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My Verdict

According to me, Wake Up, Arnie! Free is a nice Windows 8 Platform Jumping Game, with good graphics, and easy controls. Give it a try for sure!

Get Wake Up, Arnie! Free  here