3 Free Windows 8 Cloud Storage Apps

Here are 3 free Windows 8 Cloud Storage apps to help you save your data online and access it easily anywhere, anytime! You can store massive data in these storage systems and access it anywhere using an active internet connection. So, you don’t need to invest in a hard disk or other physical storage devices anymore.

These apps are very convenient to use and flexible also. They enables you to carry all your data virtually with you. You can also use these cloud storage apps as a backup device so that you don’t lose your important data. Not just this, you can even share and edit documents over the cloud.

Using these free Windows 8 cloud storage apps is extremely easy. You can get a large storage space absolutely free of cost simply by signing up with these apps.

The cloud storage apps that we are going to review today are Bitcasa, Box, and RainbowDrive. Bitcasa and RainbowDrive apps are available under Productivity category of Windows Store, while you will find Box app in Business category of Windows Store.

Let’s have a detailed look at each of these Windows 8 Cloud Storage apps.


Windows 8 Cloud Storage App - Bitcasa

Bitcasa is a free Windows 8 Cloud Storage app. It is an official Bitcasa client app for Windows 8. The app offers around 10 GB of free storage space, on which you can upload almost everything. You can upload documents, audios, videos, photos, e-books and more. The app is capable of recognizing the file type and puts various files under its Photos, Videos, Music, and Document categories. You can also view photos and videos in full screen mode. The app is integrated with Windows 8 Share charm. So, you can easily share data with your friends.

You can use this free Windows 8 Cloud Storage app by making a free account on the app. You can also connect to the Bitcasa cloud using your Facebook or Twitter account. The app presents a tiled interface of the options that look pretty nice and clean.

However, a few features are missing such as you can’t upload a folder or select multiple files for downloading.

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Windows 8 Cloud Storage App - Box

Box is another free Windows 8 Cloud Storage app, which you can use to store your data online. This app also offers 10 GB free storage space to store your documents, audio, and video files. With this free Windows 8 Cloud Storage app, you can easily upload and download files over the cloud. The app has a simple interface with easy to use options. You can copy, move, or delete files in batch. The preview option available in the app lets you see a preview of the uploaded files. You can also add a comment to a file, if you want, for a later reference. Box Cloud Storage app is also integrated with Windows 8 Share charm. So, you can share your data with your colleagues and friends easily.

The app also offers to pin live tiles to your Start screen so that you get any updates on the files on the Start Screen itself.

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Windows 8 Cloud Storage App - RainbowDrive

Last in the list is RainbowDrive, a different kind of app that falls in this category that actually doesn’t provide a storage space of its own, but lets you manage multiple cloud accounts from a single interface. With RainbowDrive, you don’t need to open individual apps to access your data. You can connect to cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive through multiple account login integrated in this single app. The app auto categorizes files on the basis of media type such as Photos, Music, Video etc. You can also switch to Cloud view to view contents as per the cloud service providers. This makes it easy to manage files/folders located on different cloud storage services.

Since the app is integrated with Windows 8 Search charm, you can search files across various cloud accounts. Like the other two apps mentioned above, RainbowDrive also lets you share files using the Windows 8 Share charm.

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These were some of the useful Cloud Storage apps we have found. Try and use these apps to get extra storage space for free. Share your feedback via comments.