Windows 8 Periodic Table App To Compare Elements

Elements: The Periodic Table, is a Windows 8 Periodic Table app. You can use this app to get info about the various elements found on the Earth’s atmosphere. It has info for Metals, Non Metals, Halogens, Radioactive Elements, Noble Gases, and others.

Info like Atomic Properties, Physical Properties, Main applications of the elements, and their history is available here. In addition to this, you can also find the web reference for Elements, using which you can search more about the element on the web.

Elements The Periodic Table

One of the best feature of the app is that it lets you compare any two elements easily. The app gives you the option to search for any element by using their Name, Atomic Number, and also their Symbols.

Another catchy feature of the app is that you won’t need to use a search box to search. Just start pressing the keys of your keyboard, and the app will automatically open the search charm to search.

Elements: The Periodic Table is freely available in the Books & Reference category of the Windows Store.

Using this Windows 8 Periodic Table app

On the main page of the app, all the elements would be shown to you, categorized into different blocks, and represented by different colors.

Elements The Periodic Table- Main Screen

You just have to choose any element from here to get info about it. The app will provide you with a good amount of info for any element.

Elements The Periodic Table- Info

Info about the general properties, physical properties, atomic  properties, about the element’s history, and main applications of the elements will be shown. Plus as I mentioned, the app will also provide you the external web reference to get more info about the elements.

Elements The Periodic Table- Web reference

In addition to these, let me tell you about the other features of the app:


You can use the app to conveniently compare any two elements. For that, you can use the Compare option available in the bottom flyout of the app. As you use this option, the app will provide you with two drop downs from where you can choose the two elements to compare.

Elements The Periodic Table- Compare


The search function of the app is quite nice. You just have to start typing using your keyboard, and the app will automatically open up the search charm of the Windows, and will start searching the element within the app.

Elements The Periodic Table- Search

You can search using the Name, Atomic Number, or even by using Symbol.

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Key Feature of Elements: The Periodic Table

  • Good amount of info about the elements.
  • Option to compare two elements.
  • Searching is quite nice. Search box not required.
  • The app is freely available in the Windows Store.

My Verdict

Elements: The Periodic Table is a nice Windows 8 Periodic Table app with good number of options available for the users. It gives option to compare elements, which is quite nice and something not easily available in other similar apps. Give it a try for sure. Do share your opinion with us.

Get Elements: The Periodic Table  here.