Windows 8 Official Facebook App: Facebook

Facebook is a Windows 8 Official Facebook app. You can use it to access your Facebook Profile and do all the basic things which you do by accessing Facebook through your Web Browser. This Windows 8 Official Facebook app won’t store any of your information. Use it to access your profile, update your Facebook Status, View and Upload Photos, and do much more. Always remain Online on your Facebook profile, just by opening the app from your Start Screen. It provides a better interface as compared the Browser version.


This Windows 8 Official Facebook app is available in the Social Category of Windows Store. Let’s get you better introduced with this Facebook app.

Access Facebook using this Windows 8 Official Facebook App

Now, as you land into this Widows 8 Official Facebook App, you would notice a slight difference in the login page as compared to the original Facebook website.

Facebook- Login screen

No extra things are present on this page; just provide your Login credentials to land into your Facebook Profile. You can use the Sign up option that is available at the bottom of the page to Register yourself with a new Facebook account. The registration page would open in the Internet Explorer app that is available on your Start Screen.

The main page as you land into your profile using this Windows 8 Official Facebook app looks similar to the one given in  the screenshot below.

Facebook- Home screen

The panel that is available on the left side, will have the option for your Newsfeeds, Messages, Friends, photos, groups, and other stuff that is personal to you. Apart from that, the Logout Button is also available in this panel itself.

To update your status or add new photos, use the options available just below the title bar. The option for updating status or adding photos will open up in a panel on the right side.

Facebook- Update Status or add photos

The Chat panel is available on the right side. Now, as you chat with any person using the Chat feature of this Windows 8 Official Facebook app, all your chat (no matter how old they are), will appear.

Facebook- Chat

Now, apart from this, the photo viewer of this Windows 8 Official Facebook app is quite nice.

Facebook- Photo Viewer

You can browse in between photos in this Windows 8 Official Facebook app just by using the scroll button of your mouse or by using your arrow keys.

In addition to all these features, you can remain logged into your Facebook Profile, and can directly access it by opening the app from the Start Screen tile of the app. For that, you must remember that you have not Logged out intentionally.

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Key Features of Facebook (official app)

  • Use it to access your Facebook profile, just by clicking on the tile from the Start Screen.
  • The Chat interface of this app is better than the Browser accessed version.
  • Photo Browsing is better.
  • Free availability.
  • The app does not store any of your personal information.

My Verdict

I tried this app myself and as per my experience, there are some capabilities which are different from the Browser accessed version and are quite cool. The chat and photo viewer are quite nice. Try it for sure.

Get Facebook here.