Windows 8 Hangman Game Free: Hangman by Spice

Hangman by Spice is a free Windows 8 Hangman Game. In this game, your aim is to build the words according to the hints you are provided with. Build the words before the hangman dies. For every wrong guess, you will take the hangman one step towards its death. The words which you have to make would be presented in categories like Kids, Hollywood, Movies, and others, classified as themes. The game is freely available in the Games category of the Windows Store.

Hangman by Spice

Let’s get you better introduced with this Windows 8 Hangman Game.

Play and improve your knowledgebase using this Windows 8 Hangman Game

As you start this Windows 8 Hangman Game, you would be having a Recommended and a Play option. You can choose any of them to play the game. The only difference between these two options is that the Play option displays all themes available in Hangman by Spice, while the Recommended option displays only the themes which are recommended for you.

Hangman by Spice- Start Screen

The available themes include some of the most used and famous options like Kids, Music, Movies, Places, People, Halloween, and many more.

After choosing the theme for playing, you can begin this Windows 8 Hangman Game.

Hangman by Spice- Game

Use the ‘?’ that appears on the top of this Windows 8 Hangman game to get the Hint for the appearing word. Then start making your guesses. At the starting of the game, no hangman would be present. For every wrong guess you make, that particular wrong word would turn to red color and one part would be added to the hangman picture. This continues till the hangman builds up and dies at the last wrong guess. Make sure that you make the correct guess before the hangman dies.

Hangman by Spice- dead

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Key Features of Hangman by Spice

  • Learn while playing this Windows 8 Hangman Game.
  • Nice Interface: The Interface of this free game is quite nice .
  • Easy gameplay: The game has quite easy controls.
  • Large number of themes are available for you to choose according to which words will appear in front of you to play.
  • Freely available: The game is freely available in the Windows 8 Store.

My Verdict on Hangman by Spice

Going by my experience, I would like to say that this Windows 8 Hangman Game is fun to play. The controls are quite easy. But it could have been more interactive. The database is very small. If you play it for a few times, chances are that after sometime you will be able to figure out the words merely by seeing the hints that appear.

Get Hangman by Spice here.