Use This Windows 8 News App To Get Worldwide News

World: News is a Windows 8 News app. It can be used to get local news for countries throughout the world.  There is an option to choose from over hundred countries. You can pin any specific country’s news to the start screen of your computer. You can share these news over the Internet by using Share option of the app itself.

The most catchy point about the app is that you have the option to get news from even the most remote countries, like Fiji. The app gives you the freedom to choose the countries to see their news by selecting them from the map that the app provides, by just a single click.

World News

World: News is freely available in News & Weather category of Windows Store.

Using this Windows 8 News App

On the main page of the app, you would be shown the world map, from where you have to select the country to get news from. You can drag the map to locate the country from where you want to get the news.

Getting News

The app has the option to choose from about 100s of countries. As you choose the country to get news from, that particular country would be highlighted with a yellow color. That country’s local news would appear in a list, in a panel that would be present on the bottom left side of the screen.

World News- country specific news

You can read through the list to see all the news for that country.

Now, let me tell you about the various options that are available within the app:

Pin any country to the start screen

There may be chances that you want to get news from any particular country, and in addition to this, you may want to get these news readily. This option is also provided in the app. You can pin any country to your start screen, from where you can get these news readily.

World News- pin to start screen

The news will also appear in the live tile, from where you can see them anytime you are using the start screen.

Share the news

If you click on any news that are appearing here, you would be shown the option to share the news over the Internet. The app will then open up the  search charm of  Windows to share it.

World News- Share

Read the entire coverage

You can read the entire coverage on any news by using the option for this. The option will appear if you click on any news from the list. The app will then use a third party browser to show you the entire coverage.

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Key Features of World: News

  • The app has maps included within the app which can help you locate the countries in a better manner.
  • Option to pin any country to the start screen.
  • Share the news with others over the Internet.
  • Read the entire coverage on the news.
  • The app is freely available in the Windows store.

My Verdict

World:News is a nice Windows 8 free News app to get news from various countries. I would really recommend using it.

Get World: News here