The Official Windows 8 Foursquare App: Foursquare

Foursquare is the official Windows 8 Foursquare App. You can use this app to check out places you want to visit. Here you can read reviews given by other users about the places you are exploring, and can also submit your own thoughts or tips you want to share with others. Apart from that, you can also add likes to the places given in the app. All this can be done simply by logging with your Foursquare account credentials.

This free Windows 8 Foursquare app allows you to check in at various places, so that you can tell others in your network that you are visiting that particular place. The app would also give you the option to provide the name of any location, and to see the places to visit nearby it. The app will also give you the actual map location of these places.



Foursquare is freely available in the Social category of the Windows Store.

Using this Windows 8 Official Foursquare App

As you get to the app, you would be asked to let the app access your location. Based on your location, you would be given a number of places near your location which you can visit. The places would be shown tiled on the main screen.

Scroll to the left side, and the places would be shown organized as a list. Along with that, a map would be present.

Foursquare- Choose from map

If you click on any particular item on the list, its location on the map would be shown to you. You can click on the icon from the map to get to that place.

If you scroll to the right side of the main landing screen, you would be shown the places that are present nearby. The places that are present here would be categorized as Trending, Best Nearby, Recently Opened, and others. For all the places that are present here, you would be shown a rating for that place, and the number of people who have checked in there.

Foursquare- Category

You can get to any of the place that are show in the app. The main options that can be availed after viewing a place are:

Check In

You can use the bottom flyout of the app to check in to any place that you are visiting. After you do that, your friends from this social network would be able to know where are you hanging out. To get the bottom flyout, right click anywhere on the screen. As you use this option, a panel will also appear on the upper side 0f the option, where you can tell about the check in. You can even add the name of any friend from this network, with whom you might be hanging out.

Foursquare- Check in

Like, Leave a tip, and Add Photo

You can use these options from the bottom flyout to add a like for that place, can leave a review for others to know better about your experience, and can add photo about that place.

Foursquare- Flyout options

Reach your friends

Use the upper flyout of the app to get to your friends. You will see the places where your friends are right now.

In addition to that, you can check out the photos, and reviews for any place to visit using the app.

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Key Features of this Official Windows 8 Foursquare app

  • You can find places to visit near any location.
  • You can see the reviews for any place you want to visit.
  • Use the maps to locate the place better.
  • The app is the Official app from Foursquare, and is freely available in the Windows store.

My Verdict

According to my experience with this Windows 8 Foursquare app, I would say that the app is quite nice. Do try it for sure!

Get Foursquare here.