Windows 8 Math Game App Free: MathFloat

Math Float is a free Windows 8 Math Game app. This app is greatly useful for math beginners who feel doing math to be somehow boring. The app will provide you a fun way of doing simple addition, subtraction, and multiplication problems. This is more like a game that you can play to practice your maths skills.

Math Float is freely available in the Games category of the Windows Store.


Using this Windows 8 Math Game app

Using this Windows 8 Math Game app is very easy. As you land to the main screen of this fun math game app, you would be shown the main menu where you would be shown the main levels to play this game.

MathFloat- Main Menu

Three main levels are available here, namely Easy, Medium, and Hard.

Let me tell you little more about the game:

The game will show you a number of balloons as you start playing. These balloons have a number written on each of them. The balloons will straight away float to the top edge of the game’s interface. After that, an equation would be shown to you at the bottom of the screen. You have to choose the balloons that satisfy the equation.

Seems easy enough? Well here comes the turn! The balloons will eventually try to reach downside. If you have fulfilled the supplied equation, you would be able to float them again. You have to see that not a single balloon reaches the bottom. This is because thorns are present at the bottom side. If any balloon reaches to the thorns, it will burst, and thus your chance to use that number for completing the equations would be gone.  Your aim is to keep all the balloons floating.

On completing the equations correctly, you would score according to the time you are taking to solve the equation.

MathFloat- Gameplay

One more thing to know about the game is that there is a Pass button also available in the game. You can anytime use the button, and can skip the question.


There are three levels available to play as I mentioned earlier. Each level is dedicated to a particular operation. These are explained below:

Easy: This level is for addition problems. You would have to satisfy the given equation. The right side of the equation, that is, the sum would be given.

Medium: The medium level is for subtraction. Positive as well as negative solutions would be used on the right side of the equation. The level is more difficult as the speed of balloons would also be more than the easy level.

Hard: The hard level is for multiplication.

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Key Features of MathFloat

  • You will have fun while practicing your maths problem solving skills.
  • There are 3 levels to play the games.
  • With each level, the level of difficulty will also increase eventually, resulting in an increase in interest for the user.
  • This educational app is freely available in the Windows Store.

My Verdict

According to my experience with the app, it is a fine Windows 8 Math Game app with an option to practice your maths skills. Give it a try!

Get MathFloat here.