Windows 8 Graphing Calculator App With Unit Converter

MatGraph Calc is a free app for Windows 8 which allows you to use scientific calculator, graphing calculator, unit converter and tools like matrix calculators all in one small app. The app is very lightweight and has all these features which can be simply chosen by clicking on the corresponding tile in the main screen of the app. MatGraph Calc helps to assist students, teachers or professional workers in their day to day activities by offering them all these various tools in one small package. The app also has various themes which can be chosen and applied from the settings charm.

MatGraph Calc is available as a free download from the Windows App Store.

MatGraph Calc Main Screen

The main feature set of MatGraph Calc for Windows 8:

When you install the MatGraph Calc app on your Windows device and launch it, you will be presented with four tiles on the main screen of the app which allow you to access either the Scientific Calculator, the graphing calculator, the unit converter or more tools which allow you to perform matrix multiplications, etc. The main screen is shown above.

In the above screen if you choose to click on the Calculator tile, you will be presented with the scientific calculator screen as you can see below.

MatGraph Calc Scientific Calculator Screen

The scientific calculator is fully featured with all the main functions of a standard scientific calculator like log, ln, trigonometric and exponential functions, etc. You can perform the calculations using mouse clicks on the buttons present on the calculator. The display at the top will show you the results and the values that you will input. Clicking on the back arrow at top left will revert you to the main screen. Now, you can choose to use the Graphing Calculator. In the graphing calculator, you can input the values for various variables of Y and clicking the result button will show you the graph on the right side for the parameters specified.

MatGraph Calc Graphing Calculator Screen

Coming back to the main screen of the app, the app also has an inbuilt unit converter which allows you to convert various parameters like length etc. into other units. You can convert these parameters by clicking on the type on parameter at the top, and then selecting the to and from parameter from the drop down menus. You can then enter the value and finally click on the convert button at the center of the screen to finalize the conversion process.

MatGraph Calc Unit Converter

The app also has other useful tools built in which can be accessed by clicking on the Math Apps tile on the bottom right. You can then perform matrix calculations etc. from the screen which follows.

MatGraph Calc Math Apps Matrix Calculation

The app has no ads, and you can also adjust its themes via the Settings charm (Win+I). This basically sums up the main features of the app. You can also read about the RetroCalc and Calculator Free apps for Windows 8.


MatGraph Calc is a well designed calculator app which is ad free and offers 4 types of functionalities in one app – scientific calculator, graphing calculator, unit converter and other math tools. The app is lightweight and the customizability of the app due to a large number of supported themes makes for a great overall package.

I rate it a 4 out of 5.

Get MatGraph Calc.