Windows 8 Game App: Blob Lander

Blob Lander is a free game app for Windows 8 and 8.1 in which you have to control the blob inside a space shuttle and make it land on the landing zone. The game has pretty easy controls where the blob and his spacecraft can be controlled via the arrow buttons. You can control the spacecraft’s acceleration, deceleration, etc via these arrow keys. You can also collect special keys to open doors and locks throughout the way to ensure that you arrive at your goal with no obstacles.

Blob Lander is available for free from the Windows App Store.

Main features of Blob Lander:

When you run the game on your device, you will be presented with the below screen.

Blob Lander Main Screen

In the above screen, you can simply click on the Play Game button to be presented with the gameplay interface of the game itself. You can see it in the screenshot below.

Blob Lander gameplay

You can see the blob and his airship airborne in the above screenshot. The ship can be maneuvered by using the up arrow button to move up, right arrow button to move towards the right and left arrow button to move towards left. You can then collect keys and certain pickups along the way to ensure that you get a high score while completing the level on time. The game also shows you your remaining lives at the right side and the fuel and shields as well towards the right. Your aim is to land on the landing zone without landing in a bad manner thereby destroying the airship and losing lives.

This wraps the main features of Blob Lander for Windows 8 and 8.1.

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The verdict:

Blob Lander makes for a fun pastime app on your Windows 8 or 8.1 device. You can definitely have a lot of fun while playing it on your device. You can head over to the link below and get it for your device.

Get Blob Lander.