Windows 8 Photo Editing App: Fotor-Color Splash Studio

Fotor-Color Splash Studio is a free Windows 8 app available under “Photo” category of its App Store. This Windows 8 photo editing app lets you add photos effects and edit it on your Windows 8 PC. You can easily select from multiple photo effects which include inception, cool summer, Angel’s kiss, sepia glow, lomo life, lomo, Ancient, gray popper, rusty metal wall, mini-oven, relief, green light, rainbow, and HK film. All the photo effects are absolutely free.

Fotor-Color Splash Studio

Well, it does not ends up here. This Windows 8 photo editing app also lets you customize multiple other options to make your photo look beautiful and natural. You can easily adjust the size, softness, and intensity of the brush to edit the photo accordingly. Also, the app allows you to adjust the level of brightness, contrast, and sharpness which makes your photo look even better and customized.

Fotor-Color Splash Studio Effects

In addition to it, this Windows 8 photo editing app lets you save the edited masterpiece on your desktop or PC to use it further either for sharing or an addition to your photo album.

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How To Use This Windows 8 Photo Editing App?

As soon as you login to the app, just import a photo which you want to edit. Now, adjust the brush settings (size, softness, and intensity). Now start highlighting the part of photo which you want to appear different from the rest. For e.g., if it is an image of any object and it has a background, then you can easily highlight the object to appear in its original color and the rest you can make it black & white or in some other color which totally depends on the photo effect which you choose.

Now, to adjust the settings of the highlighted portion, you can easily head to options in the toolbar which includes brightness, contrast, and sharpness. Now, click on save button when you are done with. You creation will be then saved on your Windows 8 PC.

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Features Of Fotor-Color Splash Studio App:

  • Edit photos by adding multiple effects to it.
  • Adjust the brush size and the level of photos effects.
  • Switch between the photo effects even after saving it.
  • The photos saved appear on the start screen of the app.
  • Undo and Redo the changes made.
  • Simple and easy to use interface.

Download Fotor-Color Splash Studio App:

Login to your Windows 8 App Store and then search for “Fotor-Color Splash Studio” app. Now, click on install button and you are done with. Get the download link of the app from here.

Fotor-Color Splash Studio app is really a creative app to use on your Windows 8 PC. Now, refresh your old memories by adding some special and beautiful effects to them. Make them look as if you have done some special photography. I like all the effects included and of course the undo and redo part of this Windows 8 photo editing app.