F.Y.E.O: Windows 8 App to Hide Photos

F.Y.E.O is a free Windows 8 app to hide photos. It is available for free under ‘Photo’ section of Windows 8 app store. Using F.Y.E.O, you can protect your images by displaying them with a strong password, thereby safeguarding your privacy. The app comes with high security data encryption which restricts people to access your personal pictures.

All you need to do is simply launch the app and give it a strong password. Well, if you want to generate a strong password, you can use Password Generator app that creates password which are difficult for others to identify. Once you are done with password process, now you can add as many images as you want in the secure section of the app. Just, right-click anywhere on the screen to open the ‘Add Photo’ option. Now, click on ‘Add Photo’ button to add pictures from your local Windows 8 machine. Once you have added the pictures, this Windows 8 app to hide photos will bring you an option if you want to delete the original images after saving them with F.Y.E.O. Below given are the main features of hide photos app for Windows 8.

Features Of Windows 8 App To Hide Photos:

  • Lets you password protect your images
  • Lets you make you pictures password access
  • High security data encryption

Windows 8 app to hide photos

  • It supports snapped view mode
  • Lets you add as many photos as you want
  • It’s a free Windows 8 app

I found this Windows 8 app to hide photos very interesting. Although, I don’t have much personal photos that I would like to hide from others, but it’s quite useful for couples who like capturing their intimate moments and want to keep them personal. Also, its good to use the app in your office system to hide the important screenshots for various important projects.

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How To Download F.Y.E.O App In Windows 8:

  • Open the link in IE10, strictly in IE10
  • Click ‘View in Windows Store’ and proceed with further steps to download the app.

In short, F.Y.E.O is a good utility photo hider Windows 8 app using which you can protect your photos from being accessed by others. Go ahead and download F.Y.E.O app in Windows 8 now.