Windows 8 Final Preview Version, “Release Preview”, To Be Launched In June

According to a recent Twitter post, Microsoft confirmed to unlock the “Release Preview” version of Windows 8 in the very first week of June this year. Steven Sinofsky, Microsoft’s President brought this announcement during his on-stage presence at Windows 8 Developers event.

The Company has already launched two preview versions – Windows 8 Developer Preview Version and Windows 8 Consumer Preview Version, providing an opportunity to get play around and to get familiar with Windows 8 unique features. Microsoft released the Consumer Preview version of Windows 8 on Feb 29.

This “Release Preview” version of Windows 8 is the last stage in the queue of Windows 8 preview versions. Yupp… you read it right. The upcoming Windows 8 final preview June version is the last among the trial pack of Windows 8. Hence, the “Release Version” aka, the last preview version of Windows 8 will come up with the features of almost all the built version features.

Now, after this, Microsoft will release the final big version of Windows 8. Rumours are that the final version will probably launch in the month of October 2012. Till then, we will have to cheer up with Windows 8 all the preview versions.