GTalk For Windows 8

Google Talk, Google’s expected entry into VoIP market, has finally arrived in the very new Microsoft’s Windows 8. The requirements for a software to get downloaded in Windows 8 are pretty different from the ones required for other OS such as Windows XP, Windows 7, and the like. Hence, Google has finally developed and released its GTalk application as per the Windows 8 requirements.

GTalk lets you get in touch with your friends and loved ones via IM, email, or a call. The quality of talk and hearing sound is just so awesome. When I used it in my Windows 8 OS, I heard my friends as if we were in the same room. GTalk in Windows 8 also gives the convenience of pre-loaded Gmail contacts into you GTalk account. This makes easier to send invitations to your friends over Gtalk.

Installing GTalk in Windows 8 is as simple as it is to download it on other OS such as Windows XP, Windows 7, and more. But before I jump down directly to its downloading procedure, let me quickly jot down the features of GTalk for Windows 8.

Features of GTalk For Windows 8:

  • Instant Messaging(IM) lets you chat quickly with your loved ones in real-time
  • Lets you carry out PC-to-PC Voice Chat for Free!
  • Lets you send or receive a Voicemail in case the person is unavailable at the time of chatting
  • You can transfer documents to your GTalk contact list and there is no restriction on the size of a file to be sent.
  • GTalk provides you a notification whenever you receive a message or an email, provided that you are signed-in to your GTalk account.
  • The interface is the same as the earlier one.
  • Its reliable and free!


How To Install GTalk in Windows 8:

  1. Go onto the given link
  2. Click on “Download Latest Version” given at the top-right corner of the screen
  3. Click on the downloaded link to run the Google IM
  4. Click on “Run” will soon find the GTalk installed in your Windows 8 PC. Go ahead and start chatting..

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In short, GTalk for Windows 8 is another good application Google has developed to get in touch with friends instantly. Download GTalk now..!