Windows 8 Education App: Stanford University

Stanford University is a free Windows 8 Education App. Using this app you can view the seminars, works, preview of online courses, and lectures; from the world class top university Stanford. Browse videos of various engineering divisions like: Mechanical, Computer Science, Innovation department, etc. All these videos are guided, delivered by the Stanford University: instructors, lecturers, and faculty. This app needs an internet connection to view the videos and news of Stanford University.

Windows 8 education app

Stanford University Education App For Windows 8:

Stanford University App is a good Windows 8 education app. Gain knowledge and get to know what these innovative minds have to say about technology, online courses, and other things. Let’s find out how to use this Stanford University App.

The homepage of the Stanford University app looks like as shown in above screenshot. The app is divided in to various sections like: featured, topics, and online. Let’s see in detail, what these sections stand for:

  • Featured: In featured section, you can view the most popular seminars and videos of Stanford University. You can see the thumbnails of the topics, description, and their videos time period.
  • Topics: In topics section, you can see various categories like: computer science, innovation, project management, engineering & technology, leadership, and risk management.
  • Online: In online section you can view the links of Stanford Education websites.

stanford app

Just click on any topic that interest’s you, then you can see a little description of the topics and then click on the video to view the seminar or webinar. Then you can view the video in full screen with integrated playback controls, high definition option, and sound options (like shown below).

stranford university video

Features of Windows 8 Education App:

Here are the features of Windows 8 education app:

  • Stanford University app is free.
  • View seminars and webinars by professors and faculty from Stanford University.
  • You can also preview Stanford online courses, videos, and famous innovative works.
  • Use the app in Snap mode also (as shown in below screenshot).

snap mode

Download And Install Stanford University App On Windows 8:

Open this Windows Store webpage link on your Windows 8 Internet Explorer. Then click on View in Windows Store option and then you will be redirected to Windows Store. Install it from there. The app is available in Education category of Windows Store and the download size is less than 4MB.

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