Draw Magical Drawings With This Windows 8 Drawing App: Paint Drops

Paint Drops is a free Windows 8 Drawing app that lets you draw images and have fun by making them fall off the canvas. It is a very unusual drawing app, not like other typical drawing apps available in Windows Store. The app looks like a simple drawing app, but it can do wonders to your simple drawings.

You can draw images on canvas using various shapes and line options offered by the app. The color palette provided in the app lets you draw objects in different colors. As you make a drawing and press Start button, the objects in your drawing start falling off the screen and make fun sounds. You can also change background wallpapers.

Paint Drops - Main Screen

Paint Drops is freely available in Entertainment category of Windows Store. You can search for it in Windows Store using Win+Q key combination or view the app directly using the link given at the end.

Let’s see how to use this free Windows 8 drawing app.

Use this free Windows 8 Drawing App to make magical drawings:

To enjoy this fun drawing app, first install and launch it on your Windows 8 system. The main screen of the app looks like a plain canvas. As you do a right click on the screen, the Color Palette will appear as a top flyout. A bottom flyout will also appear with options Start, File, Settings, and Clear on the left side of it. On the right side of the bottom flyout, you will find options Shape, Line, Freehand, Rotor, and Cut.

Paint Drops - Upper and Bottom Flyouts

Use the bottom flyout to select shapes, line, rotor or draw freehand images. You can choose different colors from the color palette, while making your drawing. To remove an image from the canvas, use Cut button on the right side of bottom flyout. To clear your canvas, click on Clear button displayed on the left side of the bottom flyout.

Once your drawing is complete, click on Start button displayed on the left side of the bottom flyout. The magic begins! The objects in your drawing will start falling off the screen making fun sounds. Use stop button to stop the moving objects.

Paint Drops - Falling Objects in the Drawing

You can adjust sound and set different background wallpapers to your drawing canvas using Settings button.

Paint Drops - Settings

Key features of this Free Windows 8 Drawing App:

  • Free Windows 8 drawing app
  • Very unique
  • Makes images fall off the screen
  • Plays fun sounds while images fall
  • Options to set background wallpapers

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My Verdict:

Paint Drops is a wonderful drawing app, very unusual and different from the other Windows 8 drawing apps. Falling objects off the screen with sounds look very exciting. Small children will find it even more interesting. Give it a try and share your feedback via comments.

Get Paint Drops here!