Windows 8 CookBook App

CookBook is a free Windows 8 app that lets you learn cooking variety of delicious recipes. The app brings you name of the recipe, ingredients required to cook the recipe, and how to cook given in the description part.

CookBook is a slick Recipe application with good presentation and minimal interface.

You would really feel to capture all the pages to your mind and prepare the recipes as soon as possible. The main focus comes with mouth-watering pictures, which too makes anyone to desire the same in real-time.

You can search for your favorite recipes from the catalogue of over 200,000 recipes powered by Big Oven. Even the recipe pages are not cluttered like as we see in most of the websites. All pages are crisp and clear from the mode of preparing it with all ingredients mentioned with the description of how to prepare it.

Cook book

You can also check out the today special menu with total time, active time and yield (normally how many persons can have it).

You can check out your favorite recipes and add it your favorite list. Your propose your own try soon list, so that I reminds you to try it as soon as possible.

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List of Categories Mentioned in Windows 8 CookBook:

  • Appetizers
  • Bread
  • Breakfast
  • Desserts
  • Main Dish
  • Salad
  • Side Dish
  • Soups

Under these subcategories, you check out 1000 of recipes waiting for you. All the food recipes are differentiated as Vegetarian categories like Vegetables, pulses and Non Vegetarian categories like sea food, meat, poultry.

And, if you are bit confused about how would it taste like, check out reviews posted on each recipe, to find out how good or worst it was. Go ahead and install the Windows 8 CookBook now…!