Evernote App For Windows 8

One, Microsoft gave a separate Windows Store in Windows 8, two, Microsoft provided some apps already installed, and three, Microsoft provided a bundle of more in its App store. Well..I have to say, with Windows 8, Microsoft has given an OS a new definition. Each app in Windows 8 Store is different from the other. Hence, I am on my way to try every single app and give my reviews to my readers.

This time I am up with Evernote App for Windows 8. Yupp…you read it correct. The very popular note-taking app is available in the Windows 8 Apps Store at zero cost. Evernote enables you to take notes, thereby letting you not to forget even a little thing that happens in your everyday life. The good thing about this Windows 8 Evernote app is that it syncs with your Evernote account which will ultimately sync between your other devices in which you have Evernote app including Smartphone, Tablet, Windows 8 device, and the Web. This will allow you to find notes from anywhere and at any time.

Evernote in Windows 8 works really well, just exactly what we expect – write  notes, share notes, search notes, and the like. Let me quickly jot down the features od this Windows 8 Evernote.

Features of Evernote App For Windows 8:

  • Create audio notes, texts, and photos
  • Auto-sync notes between Evernote account and other devices in which you have installed Evernote
  • You can read webpages in offline mode
  • Capture ideas, things you hear or like, could be a design
  • You can add selected notes to your favorite bar


How To Install Evernote in Windows 8:

  • Go onto the Start Menu Screen, click on “Store”
  • Under the “Productivity” category, click on “Evernote” app
  • Click on “Install”
  • You will soon find the app installed in your Windows 8 charm’s bar. However, to get started with the Evernote app in Windows 8, you need to sign-up with your Evernote ID and Password, create one if you do not have.

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In short, Evernote App for Windows 8 is an excellent note-taking app that Microsoft has given in Windows 8 store. Go ahead and try out yourself.