Windows 8 Block Matching Puzzle Game: Hexic

Hexic is a free block matching game with amazing graphics coming directly from Microsoft Studios. The game is a well designed puzzle game in which your goal is to rotate the hexic blocks in a way that three or more of them touch each other. The more the number of blocks that you are able to touch together, the higher combo score you get. Sometimes creating one combo leads to a chain reaction of other combos if other colored hexics over the combo created successfully fall and match the hexics below the combo block. Hexic has relative simple controls and works with mouse clicks or taps on the screen (in case of touch screen devices.)

Hexic is available for free from the Windows App Store.

Main features of Hexic:

The Main Page: When you launch the game, you will be taken to the game’s splash screen or its main page. This looks like the screenshot attached.

Hexic main screen

Simply tap the Play button at the bottom, and you will be shown a brief introduction to the game.

The Introduction Video: The introduction video of the game is displayed when you click on the Play button on the first launch of the game. The introduction video of the game has a touch of humor to it, and you will realise it when you watch the dialogs. Basically, it’s a monologue of a Hex talking to you and explaining you the various aspects of what you have to do in the game.

Hexic intro

Simply keep clicking on the Next button in the above screen to skip through the video.

The level map: The next thing which you will see is the level map of the game. This looks like the below screenshot.

Hexic hex map

Simply click on the level which you wish to play, and you will be taken to the gameplay screen of that particular level.

Gameplay: In the game, you have to click on clusters of hexes to rotate them in the direction shown at the bottom left of the screen. You can see that in the screenshot below, the direction of rotation is counter clockwise, but I can click on that direction to change the direction to clockwise. You can see that in the screenshot below I have successfully formed a cluster of hexes and hence I have got 50 points for the same.

Hexic combo created

Once you eliminate all the clusters, your level is complete.

Hexic level complete

Once the level is complete, you will be shown the game’s statistics screen where you will be shown that how well you performed in the game.

Hexic stats

From here you can basically assess your performance and see the areas where you need to work harder. This wraps the main features of Hexic.

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The verdict:

Hexic is a nicely designed puzzle game app from Microsoft Studios which is sure to keep you entertained. The app makes you think hard and hence sharpens your mind, and increases your focus and concentration. Overall, the game has everything it takes to be a great game, and is surely worthy of a 5 out of 5!

Get Hexic.