Windows 8 App to Learn How to Tie a Tie

Tie your Tie is a free Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 app that teaches you how to tie a tie! This teaches you how to tie multiple types of tie knots by providing clear, picture illustrated step by step instructions. The app, when launched, lets you choose from six different types of tie knot types that you can use to look like the perfect gentleman on business meetings or on special occasions. The app is very handy and lightweight, and hence it doesn’t consume a lot of system power while running, and neither does it drain your battery. What’s even better is that the app, being free, is completely ad-free as well! This is one well designed app with great functionality!

Tie your Tie is available for free from the Windows App Store.

Tie your Tie App Icon

Windows 8 App to learn How to Tie a Tie…

Once you have downloaded the Tie your Tie app from the App Store, all you have to do is simply head over to your Start Screen, and click on its icon, to be presented with the main screen of the app.

Tie your Tie Main Screen

The app offers picture illustrated instructions for six different types of tie knots, namely Four in Hand, Half-Windsor, Bow, Pratt, Atlantic and Grantchester. You may have seen many of these tie knots in movies, or in other places, and may have been wondering as to how in the damn world did the guy make this beautiful looking Tie knot? The answer to your question is concealed behind these six tiles that you see in the above screenshot in the form of picture illustrated steps. So let’s quickly open up a tie knot type and see how it is done!

Tie your Tie Instructions

You can see in the above screenshot that the instructions provided in the app are very crisp and clear, and you can easily follow them by referring to the pictures provided for each step. To switch from one step to another, all you’ve got to do is to click on the arrow buttons located on either side of the screen. To go back to the main screen of the app, you can at any time click on the back arrow button at the top left corner of the screen.

If you are working on something, you can also snap the app to either side of the screen so that you can continue to work on whatever you were working on while still reading the instructions on tying tie knots at a glance! The snapped view support of the app is showcased in the below screenshot.

Tie your Tie Snapped mode

This basically wraps up the features of this app. I hope that you’ll like the app and find some use for it in your daily life as well!

The verdict…

Tie your Tie is a great free Windows 8 app which allows you to easily master the art of tying various types of professional looking tie knots at the ease of your own home without anyone’s help. The app has a beautiful design, and the picture illustrated step by step instructions make the app more usable and easy to understand as well. The app also supports snapped mode, and on top of that, it’s ad free. It accomplishes the task that it was made for with much ease while keeping the design simple but elegant – because of this, I rate this app a well deserved 5 out of 5!

Get Tie your Tie.