Free Media Player App: Power.Media.Player

Power.Media.Player is a free media player app for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 devices that lets you play back your videos, photos and music files. When you install and launch the app, you can choose to play back your music, video or photos and upon doing that, you will be presented with an interface where you can choose your files that you want to play back via the file explorer screen. The app is well designed and makes for a great way to play all your media files on your devices as it supports a great number of formats that it can play back.

Power.Media.Player is available for free from the Windows App Store.

Power.Media.Player Icon

Features of Power.Media.Player for Windows 8:

When you install and launch Power.Media.Player on your Windows 8 device, you will be presented with an interface resembling the below screenshot.

Power.Media.Player Main screen

In the above screen, you can click on either Music, Video or Picture to play back the corresponding media formats. Let’s choose Music for now. When you click on Music, you will be presented with an interface from where you can select single or multiple music files for playback, and once you have selected them, you will be taken to the music player interface which looks like the below screenshot.

Power.Media.Player Music Playback Screen

You can see the control bar at the bottom which allows you to perform various functions like play, pause, next track, previous track, fast forward, rewind, choose a music file, choose a folder, go to music library or to go back to the home screen of the app. You can reveal the seek controls when you click outside of the control bar.

Power.Media.Player Music Seek Bar

Let’s try opening up a Picture now. When you return to the home screen of the app and select Pictures from the home screen, you will again be taken to the file explorer screen from where you can choose multiple photos that you wish to view. You can scroll between images by using the right and left arrow buttons on your desktop, or you can also swipe to the left or to the right on touch devices. The control bar in the picture viewer also allows you to view a slideshow of images, return to picture library, choose an entire folder containing images or to return to the home screen of the app.

Power.Media.Player Image Viewer

You can similarly open a video file through the main screen of the app by clicking on the Videos option in the main screen of the app and then clicking on the desired video file in the file browser screen. Upon doing so, you will be presented with the video player interface with standard controls.

Power.Media.Player Video Player

This basically winds up the how-to on using Power.Media.Player app on your Windows 8 device.


  • Lightweight.
  • Low resource consumption.
  • Supports opening multiple files at once.
  • Supports running in background (on music playback, not on video playback).


  • All video formats aren’t supported yet.
  • The app tends to lag a bit while switching from one player mode to another player mode (like switching from music playback to video playback, etc.)

The verdict:

Power.Media.Player is a great app that is a solution to running media files of all sorts on your Windows 8 device. The app works great in the way that it allows you to playback your media files with ease and comfort, and being lightweight and low on resource consumption, it doesn’t load your system on Hard disk or on RAM. The app works great, and although a few optimizations and more video formats support would be desirable, I still like the overall functionality of the app and would rate it a 4.5 out of 5!

Get Power.Media.Player.