Visual Color Picker For Windows 8

Visual Color Picker is an instant color picker selection program, which enables HSV-RGB conversion. This visual color picker for Windows 8 consists of predefined custom color table and HTML Code conversion. The software for Windows 8 also allows you to save selected colors to a predefined custom color collection.

Visual color picker consists of three screens: one is the main screen, the other color preview screen, and the third consist of small screen preview area, from where we can easily select desired colors and add to custom color selection. You can even assign hot keys and also specify customized formatting.

Visual color picker contains text- background preview, which allows to check, how would the two color look next to each other.

Visual Color picker

This free program for Windows 8 also allows you to customize HTML and RGB conversion. You can check out the various proportion for consisting each color.

Before I jump down to the main process of installing this color picker in Windows 8, let me get you some features of the same below.

Key Features Of Visual Color Picker For Windows 8:

  • Provides an easy way to grab colors from any screen.
  • Allows set various types of two-dimensional sliders.
  • Visual color picker forms consisting three different screens.
    • The main screen
    • Color preview screen
    • Screen preview area
  • Hotkeys for custom formatted colors.
  • Allows to save selected colors to custom fields.
  • Instant HSV-RGB conversion.
  • Several sample color previews: text, gradient
  • Predefined custom color table.
  • Easy and handy tool to use.
  • Totally free of cost.
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How To Install Visual Color Picker On Windows 8 PC:

  • Get into the homepage to download Visual Color Picker to your PC.
  • Click on “Download Now”.
  • Execute the downloaded file on your PC.
  • Proceed with further instruction to complete the installation.

Visual Color Picker is a powerful tool to capture any color from the screen. The best part, it is enabled with GUI(Graphical User Interface) and it is easy to use.

Try out and check for whether this program consists the ability of an in-built feature in all new Windows 8.