Advanced Volume Control App For Windows 8

Yet another Windows 8 software. Its Advanced Volume Control App for Windows 8 this time. This Windows 8 volume control app, as the name suggests, lets you control the volume of the sounds you play in your Windows 8 PC.

With this volume control app in Windows 8, you can easily increase or decrease volume of the songs or videos you play. The good part is that you do not need to click over to control the volume. Yeah…that how we have been controlling the volume. We click over to the volume bar, again click to increase or decrease the volume. Not any more cause now we have advanced volume control app. All you need to do is just hover the mouse over the Volume2 bar given at the system tray and rotate the mouse wheel.

Installing Advanced Volume Control App in Windows 8 is as simple ans easy as it is to download it on any other Operating System The software is of course available for other OS, as well. And let me tell you, it works awesome in Windows 8. But, before I jump into the process of installing, let me point the features of this Windows 8 volume control app.

Features of Advanced Volume Control App:

  • Lets you easily change the volume.
  • Lets you rotate the wheel of the mouse to control the volume.
  • It supports advanced volume control.
  • Sits back in System Tray.
  • Lets you schedule slow or high volume at a specified period of time.
  •  Available in various popular languages.
  • Lets you customize the appearance of the Volume2 bar.
  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Quick in controlling volume.
  • Its free!


How To Install Advanced Volume Control App For Windows 8:

  1. Head over to the homepage.
  2. Click on “Link” given at the homepage screen.
  3. Click on the downloaded Volume2 Setup to install. However, the downloaded setup is a .RAR file that you will be required to extract. For this, you need to install “WinRAR” in case you do not already have it in your system.
  4. Yup..its done.

You will soon find the software installed in your Windows 8 PC. The software sits back in system tray. You just need to hover the mouse to the volume bar and rotate the mouse wheel button to increase or decrease the volume.

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In short, Volume Control App for Windows 8 is a good utility app that is required to save time while controlling the volume of sounds you play in your PC. Go head and download Advanced Volume Control app in Windows 8 now…