Virtual Keyboard In Windows 8

According to the latest news leaked on the internet, the new build for Windows 8, which is also referred to as build 7989, has a virtual keyboard in Windows 8 which is not only different from all virtual keyboards on Windows offered by Microsoft in previous versions of Windows, but also has some distinguishing features.

Microsoft had offered virtual keyboards in all versions of Windows ranging from Windows XP to Windows 7. It was quite obvious that it would offer virtual keyboard in Windows 8 too. However, we should not forget that Windows 8 is specially optimized for the touch screen environment. Thus, Microsoft has completely polished the virtual keyboard on Windows 8 to give it an extremely sophisticated yet simple look to suit the touch screen devices.

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The user operates the virtual keyboard in Windows 7 by clicking with the help of mouse. The virtual keyboard in Windows 8 not only support mouse clicks but also respond to gestures because it is optimized to work in touch screen environment like tablets etc. The buttons of the virtual keyboard are revamped and made favorable to touch screen environment. It is also in rumors that the new virtual keyboard will also provide an option for splitting the keyboard as well as support for emoticons and sounds which are found in Windows phone.