Unlock Windows 8 Hidden Features: BluePoison

BluePoison is a small tool designed for Windows 8 that allows you to unlock Windows 8 hidden features. You can perform various activities with BluePoison such as Download Windows 8, break out various Windows 8 features, change default theme, and more. Lets get into brief description of activities you can perform with BluePoison.

Activities you can perform with BluePoison :

1. Windows 8 Download – You can download 32-bit as well as 64-bit build of Windows 8 using this tab. You can also download MS Office 15. The password of MS Office 15 is also available. This screen also shows the version of Windows that is currently installed in your PC.

2. Unlock hidden features – You can unlock various hidden features like bringing back the classic start menu, allowing the snap feature, activating the aeroLite glass feature and so on. Just click the corresponding tile and click the “enable” button. You can click “enable all” to enable all hidden features in one go.

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3. Themes – A large number of new themes are available to choose from. You are required to restart Windows after applying a new theme. You can even submit your own theme.

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4. Activation – You can activate your copy of Windows 8. You can also get help regarding the activation.

Go ahead and Download “BluePoison” from the link given.