New Memory Power Management Options In Windows 8

Windows 8 offers a whole bunch of new memory power management options. Here is how you can access and customize new memory power management options in Windows 8.

Open the desktop style control panel. You can do so by clicking on the “control panel” tile on the Metro UI screen and then clicking on “More Settings” present at the end of the left side bar of “control panel screen”.

Change “view by” on the top right side of control panel window from “Category” to “Large Icons” . Now you can see various icons. Click on “Power Options” icon. The “Power Options” window will open up. Click “change plan settings”.

“Edit Plan Settings” window will open up. Click “change advanced power settings”.

The “Power Options” dialog box will open. Select “Memory Power Management” and expand it to view its various options.

Various options that are available in memory power management are :

Backoff channel heat break tolerance – Here you can specify the number that backoff channel heat break can tolerate.

Consecutive time units to mark page as cold – Here you can specify the consecutive time units before a page is marked as cold.

Backoff channel heat check interval – Here you can specify the time for a channel before it goes into low power state.

A large number of similar options are available which you can use for power management. You can click “Restore plan defaults” to return back to the default power settings.