Ubergizmo: Free Windows 8 Gadget App

Ubergizmo is a free Windows 8 gadget app with the help of which you will come to know about various gadgets and gizmos that are new in the market.

This is a Windows 8 app for the geeks and also for the gadget lovers. It’s a feat for the electronic consumers and you can get to know about everything related to electronic goods like games, mobiles, computers, photos, and audio. Just switch on to this gadget app for Windows 8 and you can find a lots and lots of gadgets around here. You can also have the information about the concept behind various technologies in the market. Just have a look on the latest buzz in the world of technology with the help of this Windows 8 app.

So, in short this Windows 8 gadget app is a wonderland for those who can’t live without gadgets and are really quite enthusiastic to know about latest stuffs or say, gadgets.


This is the start page of the Ubergizmo app where you can simply have a glimpse of the latest technologies and can read various articles about these stuffs here. Just click on any of the desired section and you will get to know about various different gadgets in the market and what is new these days.

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Here, you can read articles and latest news about various gadgets and electronic goods that you can cherish. You will get to know everything about gadgets and computers. For the game lovers, this app for Windows 8 also have a Gaming section, where you can get to know about latest games.


Here, you can see the various categories with the help of which you can find your own interest and can simply read about it. The Concepts section will let you know about the concepts behind the whole technology. And, in addition to this, you can also watch videos related to various articles.

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So, just install this Windows 8 gadget app on your Windows 8 desktop and be a gadget freak if you are not.