NAVITIME: Free Windows 8 GPS App

NAVITIME is a free Windows 8 GPS app with the help of which you can find an appropriate location you want to reach. It’s just like having an Online GPS in your cell phone, the only difference is that now its on your Windows 8 desktop.

This GPS app for Windows 8 will let you find your own way and let you explore new places. It’s just like a navigation system that will help you to find the place you want to reach. It will let you find the places in your surroundings and will guide you to the destination which you are willing to go. Just like Google Map, this Windows 8 app works similarly like that as it also consist of satellite image of earth. It will show you your own location on the map with the help of which you can find your way to the place you want to reach.


Here, you can see the geographical area of Washington with the help of this map and you can also view your previous history or the favorites you want to check with NAVITIME. This Windows 8 GPS app just asks for your Internet connection and it will start working as an Online GPS device in just like one in your car or cell phone.

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This is how you can use the zoom in and zoom out the screen with the help of this blue colored bar at the lower left corner of the screen. You can check the street names and buildings so that you can reach your particular venue. You can use the GPS to find your location on the map and can get the direction for your journey to a specific place.

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So, just install this Windows 8 GPS app on your Windows 8 desktop and can use your PC as a GPS system.