Tweet Paint: Paint App For Windows 8

Tweet Paint App is a free paint app for Windows 8 that allows the users to draw a free hand painting using various painting tools available. Many amazing icons are available that you can use while creating a painting.

The good part is that once you have created a painting in this app for Windows 8, you can now share it with your friends over social networking site such as Facebook.  Let me quickly jot down the features of this Windows 8 paint app.

Features Of Tweet Paint App For Windows 8:

  • It’s completely free.
  • Draw free hand painting.
  • Comes up with various icons to help you make your paintings better.
  • Share your paintings with Facebook friends.
  • Available within Windows 8 App Store.

Tweet Paint App

This Windows 8 app is very simple and easy to use painting app as it offers various options such as Pen, Eraser, Add icon, Background, Save, Upload, Camera, and Clear.

You can create free hand painting in a new page and then add various available option as i mentioned above to add creativity in your painting to better look. You can even use different colors located at the bottom left-side of the screen. With a click on Add icon option, you can use various icons on your paintings to give a better look.

With Background option, you can use awesome backgrounds but make sure that some pictures must be saved to use in background. The best part of this Windows 8 paint app is that you can upload your paintings on Facebook with a click on Upload option. But, just remember that first you have to register with your Facebook ID to use this option properly.

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Tweet Paint App is a good entertainment app to create a masterpiece in painting. If you are painting lover then, you can use this app for Windows 8 available under the “Photo Category” in Windows 8 App Store.