Burrp App For Windows 8

Yet another good utility app for Windows 8, Burrp, that retrieves all the restaurants, shopping outlets, bars, and pubs that are close to your present location and bring them to you, to help you enjoy your each evening at some new place.

Basically, this Windows 8 app detects you current location and then retrieves all the nearby cuisines and shopping hubs for you. Let me jot down the main features below.

Features Of Burrp app For Windows 8:

  • Completely free.
  • Detects your current location and then accordingly retrieves restaurants and bars ¬†.
  • Retrieves nearby restaurants, shopping hubs, pubs, and the like.
  • Beautifully designed interface.
  • Available within Windows 8 App Store.

Burrp App

Windows 8 Burrp App has been divided into five categories like Restaurants, Nightlife, Shopping, Beauty, and Health. Each category has been further sub-divided into various parts.

The “Restaurant” category finds you restaurants like pure veg, home delivery, non-veg, and many more. You can also look for bars, pubs, wine shops, lounges and the like by clicking the “Nightlife” category. While, the “Shopping” store brings you nearby computer stores, electronic stores, shoe stores, jewelry stores, and more.¬†Similarly, “Beauty” corner is meant for beauty salons & spa centers and the “Health” corner finds you gyms, yoga classes, dance classes and so on.

As you click any yoga center or pub, the app for Windows 8 will display you the complete address, contact number, timing, popular features, known for, reviewed stars and the like. This way you can clearly decide which one is good and popular among others. You can also check the places according to radius such as within 1km, within 5km, and so on.

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Burrp App is a good utility app for Windows 8 users to find the locations along with full detail. Try this app available under the Lifestyle category within Windows 8 App Store.