Third Person Shooting Game For Windows 8: Overkill 3

Overkill 3 is a well designed shooting game for Windows 8 and 8.1. The game has extremely well made graphics. It’s been designed in a 3D third person shooter style, and runs smoothly on devices with Windows 8 or 8.1 installed. The game is a great add on to your Windows 8 or 8.1 machine if you are a fan of shooting games, but be warned, the game weighs in at a massive 500 Mb and hence you might want to think twice before you get it for your device if you have a capped bandwidth.

You can grab it for free by heading over to the link at the end of this article.


Tablets and other touch screen devices: On-screen controls.

Non Touch devices:

Movement: The character moves automatically to active zones, no movement controls necessary.

Fire: Left mouse button.

Aim: Click and hold right mouse button while moving the mouse.

Switch firearm: Mouse wheel down (scroll down gesture on touchpad on laptops)

Features of this game:

Overkill 3 when launched will take you to the main menu as shown below.

Overkill 3 main menu

You can login with your Xbox live id. The game fully supports Xbox live and this is a great way to brag to your friends on your live id about your game achievements, or even compete with them. The game has a lot of free offers which can be accessed by clicking on the Free button.

Overkill 3 free offers

You may return to the previous screen via the back button at the top left. When you click Play, a tutorial awaits you, but first, you’ll see a loading screen which might take some time. Be sure to read the tips at the bottom of the loading screen, these are pretty helpful.

Overkill 3 loading

Once loaded, the tutorial starts.

Overkill 3 tutorial

The gameplay of the game is shown below.

Overkill 3 gameplay

Upon completing a level, you are taken to your weapons armory where you can choose to change/buy new guns…

Overkill 3 armory

Or even upgrade them with bigger magazine capacity, silencers, laser lights etc.

Overkill 3 upgrades

To get back to battle zone, you can click on the Fight Now button at top left of the screen. The game also has certain achievements which are unlocked automatically post completion of a task.

Overkill 3 achievements

This is a wrap of the game’s main features.

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Overkill 3 is a great game for Windows 8 and 8.1 in which you can have fun by knocking down or shooting your enemies. You may grab it from the link below.

Get Overkill 3.