The New Zealand Herald: Free Windows 8 News App

The New Zealand Herald is a free Windows 8 News app where you can simply browse through the whole world just with a single scroll of your mouse. You can get a wide variety of news and articles to read and also to enjoy. You can also get to know about new and innovative technologies.

The New Zealand Herald is quite a popular and well know newspaper there and this Windows 8 app will let you discover the whole new experience of reading this daily newspaper right in your computer screen. Just click on any of the news article you want to read and you are ready to go. There are categories like technology, business, politics, motoring, sports, lifestyle, travel, entertainment etc. You can read a lot here and get to know about various domains.


This is the start page of this amazing little app for Windows 8 and you can simply check out world’s hottest news here and view the latest controversies and opinions of the people around you. Browse through this great daily newspaper and browse through the whole world.

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Get to know about the national and international vents and news here with amazing facts and figures with latest topics and trends. Besides this, you can also browse through various other interesting topics like lifestyle of people with latest fashion trends and also for the speed loving people, there is a place to browse through.


This is the sports section for the sports person who are really into sports. You can also entertain yourself with the help of entertainment news here. Also for our geeky guys, we have the technology section here at this Windows 8 news app, for those who are really into science and stuffs.

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So, just install this amazing Windows 8 news app on your desktop and have fun with your Windows 8 desktop.