Pengyou: Free Windows 8 Game App For Strategizing Your Moves

Pengyou is a free Windows 8 Game App that has been extracted from the ‘Games’ section of the Windows 8 App Store.

This is a multi-player game with various different levels classified into 5 distinguished categories namely Novice, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Expert. You can choose multi-player with your friend and can select any appropriate level of your choice.

Most of all, its upon you to choose whether you are good to go with the expert level or you are just a novice in this game. You will definitely like this game for Windows 8 if you are really into Reversi. It will surely baffle your mind while you are strategizing your move.


These are the difficulty levels you can opt while playing with a computer Ai. Besides this, you can have a Human Game option which will let you play with your friend equivalent or above your mental level. These various different levels may let you play with the mighty computer AI to a great extent.

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You can simply have a look at the Pengyou interface, it consists of a meter to check the total time taken by the players to complete the game and also a split timer to note the time taken by each player to make their move. You can easily undo your move if you think that was not the appropriate move. And, also a time may come when you are not left with any specific move, then you have to skip your move. These are some of the rules you should remember while playing this game app for Windows 8.

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Just install this amazing Windows 8 game app and have fun while doing some brain storming.