The Big Picture: Free Windows 8 Photo Blog App

The Big Picture is a free Windows 8 Photo Blog App which is used to help you see the big picture. Its kind of photo blog where you can see the world’s latest happening but in a photographic view in a landscape mode.

It’s quite an amazing app for Windows 8 is just the perfect to visit if you don’t want to miss the big picture of this beautiful world. This world is full of interesting and amusing things if you would take some interest in it. But in this fast running world, we don’t have any time to catch up with the other marvelous things. So, The Big Picture here, will definitely let you know about the other beautiful things in the world and also about the latest happenings around you.


Over this Windows 8 photo blog app, you can see the world and its current affairs and controversies  in front of your eyes. And not just controversies but also the celebrations and traditions all over the world. Remember The London Olympics 2012, you’ll get all the information and the victories of the our champions.  All this stuff can be seen on The Big Picture itself.

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This amazing photo blog app for Windows 8 lets you know about everything in this world with a panoramic view in front of your eyes. The HD quality picture preview will add the grace to your knowledge and you can also post these news on your own blog. You can also add these beautiful eloquent pictures in your own blog.

Stop wasting your time in searching over the entire web when ‘The Big Picture’ is here. Goa head and install this Windows 8 app available under ‘Photo’ category of Windows 8. Else, read how to search an app in Windows 8 store.