Askalll: Free Windows 8 Question App To Ask Whatever You Want

Askalll is a free Windows 8 Question App where you can ask whatever you want. And ‘Whatever’ means ‘Whatever’. You can ask any question related to any topic including love, politics, work, society, media etc., etc., and etc.

There is just no end because your mind is full of questions. It’s like whenever you are not sure about something and you ask someone who can solve your query or may be give you some advice or he/she may also rectify your thoughts. Askalll is the place where you can post your silliest thoughts and you will be answered.

In order to get started with this Windows 8 question app, you need to create an account and you will be guided or supported by your fellow Askalll mates. Deliver your post and just sit back for an appropriate response or you can also give your expert opinion about any agenda.


This is the interface of this questions app for Windows 8, you just have to log in to participate or you can log in through your Facebook account. Click on the question been asked and you can drop your opinion and compare your answer according to the percentage of votes who agree with you.

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You can select any type of question you want to answer and just click on the answer you agree with. Isn’t this simple? You can easily compare your results with the percentage of votes. You can also select from various topics like work, love, politics, leisure, relationship, sports, family etc.


Just select the category and participate in the answer giving ceremony. You can give your expert opinions on various highly asked questions and you can choose any category according to your interest. Just install this Windows 8 App available under the ‘Social’ category of Windows 8 store. Else, learn how to search an app in Windows 8 store. Stay connected to the world.